HOF Market Place

Time to be e-commerce savvy

Why e-commerce matters?

With high street shop sales dropping over the last year and online shopping increasingly on the rise we see many well known retailers being forced to discount clothing. For smaller business the struggle is even more apparent. However, recognising and embracing new sales trends for 2019 and beyond can be a saviour to small and niche business.

Studies have shown that having a website alone is not sufficient. Content matters. According to EPI in order to get ahead, brands and retailers must implement dynamic, integrated content marketing and customer-experience strategies that forge personal, emotional connections with shoppers that go beyond transactions.

Why HOF?

At HOF e-commerce impact is a key concern. Our technology team have managed to build one of the leading selling platforms for any online Asian clothing retailer and now HOF are providing an opportunity for smaller, niche and boutique companies to take advantage of this platform via the MARKET PLACE. HOF is driven by delivering excellence in online retail, this includes ease of website usage, correct product information and the use of social media and influencing as a driver for purchasing.

HOF Market Place is now one of the biggest international Pakistani designer wear website which currently reaches millions of followers worldwide over its numerous social media portfolios. They also work with the a wide portfolio of designers, ranging from Pakistan's most infamous to newer up- and-coming brands.

What is the HOF Market Place and what are the benefits?

A tab on the HOF website will take you to our Market Place which will feature your product for sale. You send us your product, we upload the content to the website and thereafter orders will be fulfilled by us, including packaging, shipping, after sales support and 24/7 online customer service . We also partner with only the most trusted of shipping carriers - DPD, UK mail, DHL, Royal Mail to name a few.

This is a great fast-tracked way of maximising the coverage of your brand with global reach. By working smarter and not harder the HOF Market Place provides an opportunity for you to boost your sales and have your designs seen by hundreds of thousands of followers.

How to feature your item?

  1. Register your interest by entering your details below
  2. Send us your collection sample catalogue to sales@houseofaiza.co.uk.
  3. Go live following approval within 3-5 working days