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As at Sunday 17th May 2020

2020 presents an Eid-ul-Fitr like no other but amongst all of the uncertainty we can be certain of one thing - it's a well established tradition to wear something new during the holy feast and this year should be no different when it comes to this tradition. Even if we are spending our Eid in quarantine we should still strive to enlighten our homes and lives with the spirit of Eid.

With that in mind here are out top 12 picks for a chic and prudent qurant-eid outfit, assembled by colour, which are still available to purchase at today's date with guaranteed Eid delivery (as detailed on the website, please note country of delivery when placing order).


Mint is the trending colour of the season, it's perfectly apt for the transition from spring to summer and it provides a most delightful visual tone. You'll be surprised at how versatile mint can be.

  1. A-MEENAH HUBBY & ME VOL 1 | HMW - 04: A gorgeous mint and gold cotton silk block printed outfit which can be matched with the 'hubby' option!
  2. SANA SAFINAZ | 2 PIECE PRET | SS20BSP231: A sensible, comfortable yet still stylish option from Sana Safinaz.
  3. MUSHQ | LAWN 20 | SORRENTO: Another hip and unique piece from Mushq which can be dressed up or down in so many ways.



Once can never go wrong in pretty pink, with a shade that compliments every woman, it's a colour that makes us all feel that little bit more feminine.

  1. SOBIA NAZIR NAYAB 19 - DESIGN 05: for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their day simply because they are worth it.
  2. GULAAL CIELO LAWN 2020 VOL 1 - GL06 BONITA: A sassy, comfortable, multi toned and versatile pink ensemble which can be worn on many different occasions.
  3. IZNIK | IMPERIAL DREAMS 20 | DESIGN 06: A truly pretty outfit which is offset by the most stunning stole comprising of this seasons must have colour - mint!



Don't be afraid! Shades of blanc do not have to be daunting to wear, many of us tend to stay away from waxen toned outfits out of fear, but fear not , here are out top 3 shades of white which are incorporated nicely with other tones to provide a great balance.

  1. SAIRA RIZWAN | ROUGE | PLUME – SR – 6: A beautiful zari organza thread embroidered outfit designed to give a beautiful contour to ones figure.
  2. SANA SAFINAZ LUXURY LAWN 2020 - 10A: A strikingly balanced and stylish black and white outfit which features most stunning floral embroidery.
  3. SAPPHIRE | LAWN VOL 2 | 2 PIECE | FOLIOLE: A delicate and appealing 2 piece suit which features a lovely green toned shalwar, making it a great outfit for all ages. It features an eye-catching kurta which is fuss free for those who prefer a relaxing fit.



For the fabulous amongst us who want to add an extra touch of magic to their day. Here are our top 3 multi-coloured outfits which are guaranteed to brighten and liven up that lockdown mood.

  1. ZAHA FABULOUS 35 LAWN 20 VOL 1 - 18: We can always count on Zaha to offer us the most jazzy and wonderful of outfits which are guaranteed to liven up any room
  2. MUSHQ | LAWN 20 | MARCHE: Mushq is another brand whose designs are brilliant and vivid. This multi coloured outfit features a lovely deep yellow tone which is perfect for spring/summer months.
  3. NOOR BY SAADIA ASAD | LUXURY LAWN 20 | D09-A: A cheerful and intense multi coloured green trouser suit which makes for a unique stand out garment.



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